We desire a seasoned manager and leader who is deep in their faith with a pastoral heart to carry out the vision of Journey Church: “To reach people who are disconnected from God and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.” The executive pastor will enable the senior pastor to be as successful as possible by assisting him with daily operations, strategic planning, goal setting and ministry planning. While the senior pastor will set the course, the executive pastor will be responsible for the details and figure out how to get there. The executive pastor will lead the staff and build teams to effectively carry out their respective ministries while staying aligned with the church’s goals and objectives.  The responsibility for the health and unity of the church’s members will lie with the executive pastor through community life, counseling, family ministries and outreach.  Each week, the executive pastor will encourage, empower, and provide resources to the staff and church members to equip them for the works of ministry and to make disciples. 

We'll be pumped if you:

  • love being around people
  • have an eye for perfection
  • excel at setting and meeting deadlines
  • work smart and hard

You'll fit right in if you:

  • have a great sense of humor
  • strive for excellence
  • get excited when one soul is saved
  • are excellent at discovering those with undeveloped leadership skills, encouraging & empowering them

We'll be ecstatic if you:

  • have a calm face that masks a brain working at warp speeds
  • are known for great integrity
  • are an incessant tinkerer focused on making things better, coming up with new & unique ideas to solve problems and make improvements
  • leave a positive wake of impacted lives